Monday, July 23, 2012

herbal napping

There is a bed on the farm that has 3 herbs growing in it. Chamomile, anise and sour grass. It smells delicious.

Chamomile is sometimes dried to steep into hot tea. Sometimes used to make a infusion, a cold water drink with the fresh leaves, stem and flower in it, served with a flower or 2 floating on top. A refreshing drink that quenches thirst. It is known to calm the stomach, and as a relaxant.

Anise tastes like black licorice. It Is used to calm the stomach, and is also the base for jelly beans and a number of liquors.

Sour grass has a lemony flavor, and is also used to make a tisane, a cool drink infusion used to quench thirst in hot weather. It is also known to calm a tummy.

It looks like it is working, the dog looks like she is smiling.


  1. Chamomile is also supposed to be good for healing and as an antiseptic. My sister Elena insisted that I use a plaster of it daily over my wound after surgery. Whether it helps or not, I don't know; but it keeps your mind on something else while you are doing it.



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