Sunday, July 22, 2012


Bugs. We got em.

In all shapes and sizes. Some are beneficial, and help to cut down on the bugs that want to eat our vegetables. We are regularly asking for help in identifying bugs to learn if they are helpful or just pests. Turns out much of the time they are quite helpful. Outside. I'm still not a fan of them in the house!

Spider web is 4-5 feet long, 2-3 feet tall. And that paper wasp nest in the ground, near the tree line will take some serious evidence of value for Homer to allow that. Hoping they sting the fox(es)!

We lost a full pen of birds to fox the other night. Now are researching dogs that patrol and protect at nighttime. They exist, and we need one.

We are told the paper wasp nest is actually home to bald face hornets: fierce protectors of their home (stay away!) and voracious eaters of flies! With livestock come flies, so the more things living here eating those the better! The big horse flies are caught midair and eaten by dragonflies. Now that is a sight to see! And the native birds in the flycatcher family are here all the time, feasting.

Even an organic based insecticide kills all insects. By not using them and not overworking our land the natural and native predators are able to do their job.

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