Saturday, July 21, 2012


I'd show you pictures, but it is probably too much information.

The cow, Sybil, is really getting ready to birth her calf. For months we have been wondering if she is pregnant, hoping that she is. There is a way to find out, and it does not involve the little stick with a bit of urine on it: it involves a heavyweight glove that extends from the tip of your finger to your shoulder, and a second person to hold the cow still while the gloved hand/arm feels around for a calf. We did not do that. We watched and speculated and saw her get bigger and bigger. Provide kelp, salt and a mineral lick for her. And some days, at the right angle and time we could see something moving around inside her. With her winter hide gone and her sleek summer coat it has become easier to tell that she has a calf in there.

There are signs that we see now that indicate she will have that calf in the next week or so. Structural changes that must occur to allow a 100 pound (or so) calf to come out into the world.

We can hardly wait. And we hope she drops a heifer. But a gal needs her privacy, so photos will be after all is done, not during. Just the herd for now.


  1. Oh how exciting, I have always been enamored with farm life. My Mom grew up on a farm in Minnesota and said it was a hard life and lonely for a kid, but I still think it would be fun! Thank you so much for pinnning my plaster appliques!


    1. It is fun here, and not lonely at all, as people visit on a regular basis...but Minnesota in winter is much tougher than here!



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