Thursday, June 28, 2012


The before photos give a better idea of just how ugly this room was before we started.

I was off farm yesterday, running errands. Returned late, in time to see the sun setting behind the mountains, framed by the hole cut in the wall for the new window. Magnificent.

When these buildings were constructed...the house and the other building that holds what was Woody's Bird Farm...they raised exotic birds, sold them, feed, toys, cages...there are virtually no windows that overlook the farm. Both buildings are oriented towards the road, with picture windows facing that direction. I love the grounds here, the sky, the trees, grass and mountains behind, so this big window is just what I want to see!

Before and during. No after yet, as it is a work in progress. Pipes in the ceiling had burst at some point in time, causing a leak, ruining drywall and insulation. This morning that is all closed up and new insulation is in there. Completion of the window and application of wall covering next.

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