Saturday, June 2, 2012

peach tree fertilizer

As the pens move around the property we hope for different effects. One is the conversion of the orchard grass, planted by previous property owners, to softer native grasses and to clover. Not native but loved by our milk cow, and her milk...yum! Another is poison ivy removal.

A third is fertilizing of fruit trees. As we read the list of suggested supplements for putting around fruit trees it began to sound familiar, quite like what comes from a chicken. So year after year the pens, for a day, nestle right under each tree. The chickens shorten the grass growth, scratch up lots of bugs aka fruit eaters and drop what comes out of chickens. It is not a ton, it is not for a long time, it is only for a day.

Trees that had small black nubs where fruit should have been are now making beautiful, fully formed fruit. We need to do a better job trimming them up for better light and air circulation. For our needs, fresh fruit and possible some canned or frozen, this method is serving us well. Fertilized trees, chemical free, a serious reduction in bugs, tasty fruit. I'm in.

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