Monday, June 25, 2012

pasture raised

The pigs are in pens until they outgrow the pen. We can move them, and keep walkways clear, electric fence lines clear and if we move them quickly enough they do the work of lawn mowers!

We have a livestock trailer and are in the process of acquiring tags for it. Tags have taken a little bit, 2 pigs outgrew their pen and are now in an area where a pond could be. A pond would be fantastic, really. As the pigs root and wallow it is changing the landscape! This steep sided section of the property cannot be used with pens, it is too hard to move chickens on ground like that, the chickens pop out of the pen everywhere. Much time is spent gathering them back to the safety of the pen.

Ducks can use this area, if a pond were there. So for now these pigs have a project.

One electric wire holds them in. It is amazing to see them held in place by such a delicate looking piece of metal.

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