Sunday, June 17, 2012

cooler in the shade

Still plenty to do every day on the farm. Pen construction is about completed for the year, so we are in a grow and harvest mode now. Takes plenty of time and energy.

When we see the prediction change to almost 100 degrees we know it is time to schedule the days in a different way. Early starts, late evenings and midday hiding in the shade, or in a stream or lake are in order.

The cattle are moving across the back of the property, where there is plenty of shade and even woods they can visit. There are a number of paddocks in this cooler, north facing, shaded area and they appreciate the shade. They are never in this area in winter and only a little in spring/fall, it is saved for the hot days to give the herd a break.

The pigs we hose down. The poultry must have water to is critical that we check and refill buckets, tubes and bell drinkers, that we use clean buckets to carry water to the few pens out of reach of hoses...all in an effort to keep water flowing, clean and clear, with no gunk stopping things up. It is the little things that make a difference.

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