Friday, May 4, 2012

wrangling cattle

The cattle got out of their paddock. They broke through the electric fence and then ran around the farm.

The big pigs are in an enclosure that is wired with the same electric fence. Closer to the garden, their escape could be quite disastrous: they can quickly destroy (consume) every single thing we have planted.

Working to gather cattle up, get them back where they belong, repair the electric fence, unplug and replug, test to make certain it is working. Finally, almost 18 hours later, the problem is located. A section of wire from working early on and using aluminum wire. It is flimsy and twists apart..which it had done..and was shorting out the entire fence. Replace that section with steel wire, and current flows again over the entire property. Every animal is contained.

In the meantime lights were needed. So the truck, still loaded with bread and vegetable leavings from earlier in the day, is driven onto the field. Cattle approach to, we think, eat what is in the back of the truck and instead lick the truck body, causing the truck to bounce around. Day in and day out we are still mystified by livestock.

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