Monday, May 14, 2012

tomato buds

May 14. We have tomato plants with flower buds already.

Started in December. In the hoop house, true, but without any additional heat. No electric lights, no heat pads underneath. Just seeds in dirt..nice dirt, true, but no chemicals. Compost, vermiculite, peat moss.

With night time temperatures warming up and day time temperatures above 70 there are plenty of pollinators out. Tomatoes, a new world food, not dependent on the honey bee..there are plenty of native pollinators that will work on we might just have something to eat..soon!

Learning to make feta and fresh mozzarella are on the to do list between now and ripe tomato time. Last weeks attempt at fresh soft cheese resulted in cheese that was too stiff and not creamy enough. Time to get it right so summer meals

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