Wednesday, May 2, 2012

kitchen for serious cooking

We have a second building at the farm, currently used for storage, Homer's workshop and the studio for The Central Link, a local tv show.

There is a room that was a kitchen..a traditional, home style kitchen. We want a kitchen where we can cook to take food to market or to have groups here. That other building needs a lot of work before we can have groups here..but markets start up shortly, and getting a kitchen where we can cook and carry food there has been the subject of conversation and planning.

The cornerstone of a commercial kitchen is a triple bowl sink. It is always required, even with high heat/ high speed dishwashers. Triple sinks are expensive..usually over $1,000.

Yesterday I visited the resale shops in the area. Looking for electric double wall ovens, fridges and sinks. I have looked for years, including checking craigslist for cities around here.

This sink was in one of the resale shops, without a price. It had just arrived, and I was told they needed to research before pricing. Waited and wandered. Sent Homer pictures. The price was finally stuck on the piece..$300..less than the metal in flat sheets costs according to my metal worker husband. It is ours now, and my job is to scout for a few additional pieces and then get the state in here to inspect. The dog will never go back in this room again!

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