Wednesday, May 23, 2012

in record time

We are about done milking the cow for now. She needs to keep her milk, helping her system and her calf too.

Homer has taken just one gallon or so every couple of days. The milk, cream, butter are amazing..clean tasting and the reason for uninterrupted sleep at night. Ok, we don't really know for certain on the sleeping thing but know that neither of us has slept better.

Years ago, with credit card points, we acquired an ice cream maker. It is the kind with a piece that lives in the freezer, ready for ice cream making at a moments notice. Cream and milk and a little sugar go in..vanilla too. Homer always adds chocolate syrup. 25 minutes later it is ice cream!

The directions, which we ignore, say to put it into a container in the freezer until it is uniformly solid. We give it about 10 or 15 minutes.

Last nights version had strawberries on top and chocolate syrup on it. Split 4 ways..not a speck left. The part that goes in the freezer will go back in there this morning.

Sybil, the 3/4 milk cow, has been producing milk that is half cream. When it goes away we will drape the ice cream maker in black. And eagerly await the return of her milk production.

And maybe read Heidi out loud to each other. The story of where time spent outdoors and drinking grassed cows milk cures..everything.

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