Wednesday, May 9, 2012

butter maker

Not the one from Bad News Bears. The one here on the farm.

Daily a gallon or so of milk has been coming into the kitchen. I much should be butter, ice cream, cheese, fluid milk, yogurt, kefir, hard cheese? Rennet, lemons, clabber to thicken? Who knew we would have decisions to make?!

Butter won. A mason jar of cream on the counter for about 12 hours. Shake it up for a while a *poof butter! Cream, sugar, vanilla into the ice cream maker and *poof ice cream! Strained milk onto a pot, heated, rennet added, hanging in cheese cloth *poof cheese! And then pizza! With a whey based crust and vegetables from the garden. Improvements can be made to all..more cream and less milk in the ice cream and butter, less rennet in the cheese..but we are all healthy and not wanting to get pizza elsewhere. Next up?! Yeehaw Farm flour and pizza on the grill..wood fired..with other toppings from the farm. Crazy good. Treats for the cow..looking for bales of alfalfa hay now to have her munch on while being milked. Why was the family cow so loved? We know we are only beginning to understand the depth of food that can come from one beautiful animal.

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