Saturday, May 26, 2012


Last Saturday the 13 acre property across the street from us was sold at auction. We were nervous about what was going to happen to the open fields and woods..and sure did not want to look out onto houses or trailer homes. A nonprofit bought the property, with plans on using the property to train people in farming and small home construction. Fantastic, we are delighted!

Everything in the house and couple of outbuildings was sold. There was everything from drinking glasses to a brand new tractor. It took all day to auction off everything.

We bid on and bought, for a total of $18, a few things. Old milk bottles, a few tools, a bow front Victorian cabinet, metal minnow buckets.

It was hot and sunny so we had to return to the farm and water all the livestock. But there was a huge pile of wooden ladders, the kind with round rungs. No one really uses them anymore, as they hurt your feet to climb and are not too stable. Homer wanted them..said he had a use for them.

The folks from the non-profit bought almost all, for less than a dollar each. They asked Homer would he like some..voila, just the roosts for the laying hens he was looking for. And the light color tarps arrived, which will provide shade and let light in too..hopes are that the change in conditions encourage the girls to produce eggs again..

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