Thursday, May 24, 2012

all over

Cattle delivery this morning.

We buy stocker calves. 300 pounds of fun in each one. Grass eating machines. The grass got too high so the first mowing had to be done by a neighbor with a bush hog, and now the cattle will take over.

Most of our land was pricker bushes and poison ivy when we moved here. Some of that is still here, but now the fields look and feel different. Some things we can identify and some things we can't, and to our eyes it is certainly looking beautiful.

Tons of clover everywhere now. And this pretty yellow daisy flower.

Too bad the front yard is also shoulder height. Rumor has it the township might just fine us for that. Odd, as there are many spots with high grass along the way here, and are high every year. A neighbor said "not in your yard". It's a hay field not a yard :)!

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