Friday, April 13, 2012

Thanksgiving, now, in April?!

Every year we take delivery of turkeys from the growers. Orders for polts are placed shortly after Thanksgiving, and then a couple of shipments occur.

Usually, losses are high. The first year we had turkeys the final, on the table production was 2. Out of 100. Homer sliced it thin so that we could enjoy each bite..since it cost about $1600 to get those 2 birds!

Every year we work to reduce the losses. We speak to other growers, to "experts", we read articles, watch you tube videos, books..anything!

Our first shipment arrived a couple of days ago. We have had unprecedented success with this batch, using all of the learning we have gleaned from all these different sources.

At almost 48 hours after receiving the shipment we have only 1% losses! By now with turkeys it is usually 10-25-50% losses! All rolled into one brooder, all of our learnings seem to be paying off. A lovely change to spring here on the farm.

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