Saturday, April 28, 2012

strung up

The asparagus has sprung from the ground. Planted last year, 2 year old crowns, and fussed over..weeded, compost added and not cut. Pigs kept away and only an occasional single stem snack. Spears that are tender from end to end when we have tried them.

Now is the time to allow the asparagus to fern out, to settle in and build strong roots so that for years to come many spears can be pulled. Our CSA begins in May and we will harvest then, but not too much and for only a week or two, as these young plants need to gain strength.

To keep the beds clear we hand weed. No hoes here. And as the tops fern out it can make it difficult to get to the ground beneath and remove weeds. So in goes the support system for these young plants. I've seen established asparagus patches with ferns taller than I am and the ground underneath full of weeds..and look forward to the day when we feel so casual about such a precious thing..

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