Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Homer, centerfold

Today the PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) brochure for on farm summer learning sessions arrived. And there is Homer in the centerfold! We had a great time last year with this group and look forward to welcoming people back here for this years field day!

For years we have attended as many of these farm field days as we are able to. It is always a real learning experience to visit another farm business and see and hear how their practices are implemented. We are happy to share what we have learned with others, and look forward to being able to travel shore to shore of this country, stopping to eat at farms and restaurants that grow good food along the way! PASA is among the first in the nation to help bring people who grow, distribute and eat food that has little or no processing between farm and consumption, and we always enjoy the input and feedback when members of this 6,000+ strong membership visit our farm. www.pasafarming.org, and then look up field days to learn more.

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