Saturday, April 21, 2012

ethics at Penn State main campus

Last night we watched the documentary, "Home" with members of Slow Food Harrisburg. The documentary examined the globe, all footage shot from the air, and the impact of humans.

After, Donald Brown from Penn State lead a lively discussion about human impact the earth and the atmosphere, the oceans. About how thousands of scientists around the globe have agreed on the changing climate. That a few "think tanks" have been funded, for decades, to discredit these peer reviewed scientific findings. And the marketing to young, white, uneducated in the sciences males has been the goal..and has been achieved. There is a group of white males who listen to others talk about how they are under attack..and how they must put their energy to defending their rights.

Meanwhile, thousands of scientists, who look at facts, who submit and discuss for peer review articles and ideas that look at how climate is changing, and at this point quickly.

Because a few people, with heavy shareholdings in huge money making businesses have enough money to pay people to say and write nonfactual stuff..the people ignorant of science listen to this. And form conclusions that are factually wrong.

And Penn State, with all that has gone on there, is closing the department of ethics and science.

Ethics. Exactly what needs to be studied at a university. And the university that needs it the most is closing the department.

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