Wednesday, April 18, 2012

big pigs

The biggest pigs on the farm have outgrown the biggest pen on the farm.

There is a point when pigs are just adorable. Piglets are endlessly cute and precious. They stay this way for a while, and then they turn into real workers, tearing up vegetable beds and clearing walkways. Moved on a regular basis they are an integral part of the work team.

They get a little bigger and then are not really too cute anymore. They start to look a little scary, and borderline fierce.

These 2 have reached that point. They do not look like it in this photo..they are in the area where squash and watermelon will grow this summer..and as we pull weeds we throw them over the fence for them to eat, roots and all.

Earlier today each one got out. Sort of a tag team, steel cage match with pigs, pens, boards, me, Homer, and a lovely unwitting farm visitor who became involved in the recapturing of these 2 pigs because she happened to be here. At the right time. Or the wrong time depending on your perspective.

They look peaceful in this picture. But don't let them fool you. Given the chance every stalk of asparagus, every pea shoot, lettuce, radish, broccoli, cabbage, kale, carrot, turnip, sage, potato..everything planted would be dug up and eaten in about 15 minutes by these two.

I was wondering, a little bit ago, why my back was tight. Moving slow tight. Didn't seem like I did too much today. Then..I flashed on the memory of dragging the larger of these two pigs out of the hoophouse by the tail earlier today. It does, in fact, outweigh me by a lot. Homer had a big board and got the pig moving the right direction by stopping it and blocking access to the garden. But I held onto that tail and dug in my heels while Homer ran to the other pig side.

Yes, hand washing ensued. And the crops were saved. And we will corral these pigs again someday soon.

Breakfast today, after pig capture? Mushroom omelets with eggs from our hens. And a side of sausage for all. Because we can. Given the opportunity those pigs would have us for breakfast. Omnivores too.

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