Monday, April 23, 2012

almost, but not quite

Overnight the weather was predicted to drop down into the 30's here. Most of what we have growing can withstand those temperatures, the heat lights help the little birds, and buckets over the tomato plants keep each one out of cold breezes and in it's own little area of warmth. At just before daylight it is still in the 40's.

As all growers do, we push the season. We want as much as we can to grow as early as we can, so we start, week after week, things that might be able to withstand chill and things that might not. We cross our fingers and hope all will make it. Frost free date is mid-May..except the USDA has just changed it to end of April here.

We will still watch every night and use buckets and anything else we have. Everyone of those buckets has a tomato plant under it..35 or so..2 already flowering!

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