Monday, March 5, 2012

White House

Today, after chores are completed, I transport 2 pigs to the butcher. They are already loaded into the truck. Then I'll drive to Baltimore, take the train to DC, the subway to Farragut West..and then walk to the White House.

Today is the launch of the USDA Compass of their Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food. I was invited to participate in today's session..including the possibility of saying a few words as to why we farm the way we do.

Then it is back to pick up pig slop from those that save it for us, pick up an intern for a visit to another farm, and several reminders to close the lid on the cold frame in the hoophouse. It just won't do to lose our young plants over all this! We need them growing so our CSA boxes are full come May!

Balance. Without our friend Jessica none of this would be possible, as she will make certain that all is well today on the farm.

There is a twitter, comments and all..#KYF2, I'll be on it this afternoon if you would like to follow along.

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