Friday, March 23, 2012

What the farmer eats March 2012 edition

Some days and certainly most nights in March we are using the furnace to heat the house. It seems like it has barely run this year..a welcome change!

We usually can eat greens: kale, collards, cabbage, mustard until well into April. This year it is bolting faster than we can eat I am eating it just before the flowers bloom! The pigs are happily eating the plants that got away from us.

Today's edition of what the farmer eats: cook garlic and onions until tender and sweet. Sort greens, rinse under water and while wet chop across the broad leaves so the portions are in strips. Add to pan with garlic and onions..put a little water in, salt and pepper, and as they wilt a splash of vinegar..your favorite it hot.

Combined with eggs your favorite way..just pulled from under the hens..and it is a meal fit for royalty.

If having weeded, hauled stuff, moved stuff, planted and watered stuff, chopped stuff..feel free to take an early afternoon nap. Then back out for more egg collection, weeding, watering, moving of stuff..

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