Sunday, March 18, 2012


Garlic gets planted, in these parts, in the fall. One clove goes into the ground and then sometime the next year it gets pulled up and *poof* it is a head of garlic! All winter it is underground and as the weather warms up growth really happens. Eventually there is enough green growth to have garlic scapes..we make pesto from the scapes, and have over pasta or in slices of bread.

Yesterday the garlic beds were weeded and walkways were cleared around them. Every day, in this warm weather, we work to fight back weeds, water the vegetables, make certain every animal has enough water and in general monitor all that is growing.

Lunch yesterday was eggs over easy and turnip greens cooked with garlic and onions. Not our garlic..Everblossom Farm grew it..not our onions..but the combination of browned onion bits, garlic and a quick toss of the greens resulted in a delicious and easy lunch. I hope to have a lunch similar to this for months to come..

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