Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Yesterday, after picking up a pig from the butcher, I heard a news report on the radio.

The headline was how eating red meat causes a higher rate of cancer. And here I was with 40+ pounds of pork, wrapped in brown paper and under bags of ice in the bed of my truck.

The scientist who conducted the study was interviewed. He mentioned that the people who end up with cancers are eating the meat that..we rarely eat. Our pork comes from the butcher nitrate free..and the research has shown for years that nitrates are a carcinogen, so we skip that..and our beef is grass fed..so we skip a bunch of other stuff he mentioned.

And more specifically I had 2 whole pigs in the bed of my truck. We had eyed them up for experimenting with charcuterie..and it was time to reduce the number of pigs on the property. So our experiments in salting, sugaring, brining, flavoring, wrapping, hanging..will take place with these smaller pieces. That way if it is a total fail we will not break the bank.

But if it is good?! Real bacon, salami, prosciutto?! Nitrate free, slowly converted by salt and a little bit of sugar, spices, herbs and hang time into..delicious goodies?!

Time. We got this.

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