Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yup, we can. And we are examining our larder and planning for this season..need more of everything.

What takes some time in the summer..and we always can as a group, it is a happy time all working together..results in real fast food in the winter. We open a can of tomatoes, put into a pot with a frozen half chicken and go about our day. It cooks up beautifully, and with a fresh herb on top and a mess of collards on the feels like super food. We are ready to take on the world..and dinner took the time to open the jar, dump, open freezer and bag, lay frozen chicken on top. At mealtime a little chopping and in about 15 minutes delicious meal!

We will do lots more this summer. My favorite blog, Food In Jars, author has just published her first book. You will be able to find it on our shelves, as her pectin free, lower salt options appeal to our palates. And her recipes for sauces, jams, etc. are truly delicious.

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