Tuesday, February 28, 2012

use what you have

Before we moved onto this property there was a business here selling pet birds, from finches to macaws and all the gear that goes along with that.

I've never kept a pet bird. There have been people I've known who own a canary or parakeet but a dog was enough for me before farming fulltime.

There were a lot of buildings on the property before we bought it. Buildings that housed birds and had electric running to them, as most birds need to stay warm. Lots of gear thrown into our stand of trees.

Homer pulled a few pieces out of the woods to provide rain protection for our bees. And the use of them prompted another thought..how about a spot for strawberries? Add compost/manure, water, the plants (a friend is giving those) and room for bloom! Will help thin plants at their place and bring the thinnings back in the next few weeks.

And then we hope for strawberries, fresh, this season!

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