Tuesday, February 7, 2012


These days it is beautiful. Clear and sunny with temperatures above freezing. It feels like spring. It feels like the worst of winter is over, like it is time to get a jump on the season and plant! Walking around in this mild weather fools me into thinking we are out of it, winter is over! In the hoophouse it is over 100 degrees!

But the weather forecast calls for snow..tomorrow. A wintery mix. Not so fast on those predictions of winter being over. Just time to start some seeds inside, give them a chance for a jump on the season, and maybe to plant a few, experimental seeds under the hoophouse. Homer put pea seeds in a few weeks ago. They are sprouting and look like their own little eggs hatching. Peas are exceptional that it is so easy to see them growing, so amazing to eat them fresh. Peas love cold weather and hate the heat, so we will start more to have plenty for us and our CSA customers. Our thoughts as we plant? "one for Claire, one for CSA, one for Homer, one for CSA, one for Dru, one for CSA"..that is how much we love fresh peas..

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