Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We grow our vegetables out from seed. The seeds go in the ground, in a farm made cold frame, in pots under grow is tough to start to many seedlings and we do our best to over run ourselves.

We buy seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Landreth Seeds. The first two are a part of the lawsuit, under way in New York, against Monsanto. The heirloom varieties we grow are threatened in their purity by the GMO pollen drifting off of other farms..I'm not a lawyer and I don't have time to follow along on great detail..but I know Monsanto has put seed savers out if business, has worked hard to force farmers into using their seed, matched to a particular herbicide, that kills everything when sprayed on the field. Monsanto also breeds varieties that have systemic poison in them, killing insects that eat the crop..and every other bug, pollinator, eaters of other bugs and all.

From where the business practices of Monsanto are not what I want: conventional farmers say it is the only way to grow enough food for all..but we are managing to scrape by growing and procuring a lot of what we eat outside of their GMO products.

We are managing to not gain unwanted weight, to have healthy organs, blood pressure and the like..a video is circulating about the effects of eating conventional and organic does to a persons system, and if it is true it is staggering the difference.

Much to do on the farm, so the lawyers will have to take over in working to protect our rights to grow what we want. And our seed purchases help out in the small we we are able.

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