Saturday, February 18, 2012

post pig growth

We use pigs on our farm to help clear things out..the original bush hogs. Left too long they can be very destructive..they will dig out large holes, leaving uneven ground.

Homer has used pigs in place of a plow, a rototiller or backhoe. We have heard that pigs will fix a leaky they work around the waters edge they move enough dirt to patch up holes, and the pond refills.

With the mobile pens, the pigs get moved daily. When they get really big they need moving several times a day or they will dig right out. They eat high grass, small trees, pricker bushes, poison ivy, field roses..just about anything.

With all of the paddock changes for the cattle there are electric lines that run the length if the property. The pigs are put under those to keep the area clear of growth. Electric fencing shorts out when growth makes contact with it.

And as much as the pigs eat and tear up the green stuff returns. Resilient it appears.

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