Thursday, February 2, 2012

PASA 2012 day one

The first day of the PASA conference was awesome. Homer built his pen, found a patch of grass at the conference center for it, and installed a couple of laying hens in there.

We attended a Food Alliance dinner and panel..had the opportunity to talk about our decision to be Food Alliance certified on our farm..we love that it addresses many issues of farming, not just feed. The food was great, our turkey that the chefs here roasted was delicious, and the chance to catch up with our fellow Food Alliance farms is most appreciated.

The dog is mad at us. When she saw Homer loading the truck she jumped in. Loading all the parts of the pen required him to leave the doors open and since it is 60+ degrees Sandi was outside, on alert and hunkered down in the seat of the truck. When he asked her to get out she refused to budge and then snapped at him. Once again proving we are not the alpha with that dog!

And Jess reports all is well at the farm. And that the dog managed to sleep on the bed..never happens when we are home..that dog will really be mad when it us back to the basket..

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