Saturday, February 4, 2012

PASA 2012 Day 3

We ended the night watching a movie about agriculture in Detroit. We will travel there in a few weeks to talk about agriculture, housing and food. So glad to see there is much going on in Motor City already!

Homer gave a talk yesterday on rain barrels, irrigation, drip tape and using the hoophouse. The room was close to full before he started, and overflowing at go time. No one fell asleep, no tomatoes or rotten eggs thrown. This morning is the talk we give together, on integrating vegetables and livestock on the farm.

We tasted ancient grains. There have been sessions on locating, growing, harvesting and grinding of the types of grains that used to be widely grown and consumed in smaller communities. There are small grinders that can dehull or deburr or make things like corn into cornmeal. There was research sighted that indicates that the GMO wheat might just be the source of gluten intolerance running rampant now.

I attended a session with the author of the book Radical Homemakers..her focus on an active, thoughtful decision to opt into a lifestyle change really resonated with the large crowd. Her book was already in the kindle and will get read sooner rather than later.

Keynote speaker..the guy who publishes Edible East End, about food on Long Island. His work with that publication, the Gates Foundation, and the growing of oysters "in his back yard" (his house is on the water) was great to hear.

Meals with friends, lots of laughter, hugs, meeting with new people, music, seeds, is a luxury for us to be here. Claire joined us last night and will spend the day here..she opted to go to class Friday and drive up after they were an extra bonus to get to see her!

Homer will offer a class in April..pen building..and has a demonstration pen here. One spot in the class is being offered as part of the silent auction, and already had a bid that exceeds the usual cost of the course. Giving a little back to PASA.

And one of our favorite seed companies is here, a little shopping will happen today!

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