Friday, February 3, 2012

PASA 2012 day 2

We had a great day at the conference. I was able to spend the day in sessions with the holistic orchard guy, Michael Phillips, who grows in New Hampshire. First time I heard him and read his book I could barely understand what he was saying, it is so different from traditional orchard care. I'm starting to understand his management practices.

Homer built a pen and brought a couple of hens with us to demonstrate just how his pen works. We loaded them into a tub with holes in it..the dog crate was way too big with everything else loaded on the truck..and when I was interviewed by Hannah I got to hold one of the hens! Maddy is the little interview..

And a couple of different views for us..a roaring fire in a fireplace and a 3rd floor view of the parking lot, not what we usually see..

Eli Reiff, who builds the chicken processing equipment that we use on the farm is here with the American Pastured Poultry Association, tells us he is working on getting a ride to the pen building working scheduled for April. Homer asked to make certain it was ok to take a photo..that was ok, but Eli still does not operate a motor vehicle, and we live too far apart for him to reach us in a horse and buggy.

Today Homer speaks at a workshop, this morning we both are listening and learning in other sessions.

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