Sunday, February 12, 2012

on addiction

I have known a few addicts in my life. Alcohol, street drugs, prescription drugs, food..drama.

It is so difficult to know when to step in, when to walk away, when someone else "bad" for them should be removed.

I've known people who go to serial rehab and don't get it. Others who get it by only attending support meetings. Others who never attend meetings or rehab.

And many, many more who believe they can manage, can handle, are functioning, are not ruining..and continue to use, continue to accelerate the destruction of their systems. For a variety of reasons..people believe they can abuse strong substances and be the same on the other side. They can hide it and no one notices.

But it is noticed. The compound effects are seen, felt, witnessed by all. The knowledge that for the addict nothing else is as important as lining up the next using session, no matter how close or far apart. No matter what it does to loved ones.

Ach. What a shame. I would have been happy to listen to Michael and Whitney as they aged. I've heard Smokey, who still sings like magic. Tony, at the age most folks are buried or in retirement homes, still singing with Gaga. I even listen to Bob even if I can't follow along.

Just a damn shame how addiction takes people. And how even when others see it coming can't stop it.

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