Wednesday, February 29, 2012

lost mate?

The turkey Tom has been moving around the farm alone. Every day we see him by himself..usually the turkey hen is with him. The last few days he has been moving about solo.

We search for her, in hopes that she is still here, that nothing did her in, carried her away, or that there is not a death by natural causes.

Then she reappears. Clover, the protective goose is getting more aggressive. Days are warming and getting longer.

The turkey hen is probably making a nest. The geese certainly are, there are piles of dry grass and straw forming in a couple of spots..they will decide on a final location in the next few week. Even the ducks are scouting out a spot.

Yesterday we had one egg from hundreds of chickens.

But it is happening..the stirrings, the nestings, the questions of where the females are hiding. Spring is coming. The birds all make eggs in early spring and do so for a while. They all stop in the cold, dark days of winter. We don't have a rooster, so the chicken eggs are not fertilized, but the turkeys, geese and ducks all have the potential to provide us with polts, goslings and ducklings. Sybil, the milk cow, sure is carrying herself like there is a baby on board. After the dark days of winter the possibility of the farm filling up is exciting!

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