Tuesday, February 21, 2012


There are days every year when I am stumped. Astonished. Last year it was Ascension day, when I was on my way to pick up irrigation equipment and found out the hour drive was not needed. The Amish run business was closed for a holiday I did not know existed.

Today? I knew it was Fat Tuesday..getting ready for Lent..but a donut is dedicated to this day, and available only this day? Armies of people preparing this little fat bombs?

I'm told the donuts are made with potato dough..they sure don't taste like a regular donut..and Maple Donuts, a York based chain with a handful of locations, is packed with people carrying them out by the multiple dozen. Children express astonishment at their parents purchase of so many..donuts. 6 people behind the counter.

The PA Dutch..Germans really..don't appear to have big Mardi Gras type celebrations. They are the "plain people" after all. But fry up some dough and it is a celebration non the less!

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