Thursday, February 23, 2012

farm made tools

We get buckets of stuff from restaurants for our pigs to eat. Some days we get truckloads for them, some days buckets.

The lids are usually snapped on tight. If the bucket tips over everything stays inside as the seal on the lids is tough to break.

One problem. I can't get the lids off the buckets. The seals are so tight that I try and try to pry them off and it just does not happen.

The big box hardware store sells a piece that works to crack the seal, but still keep the lid usable. We are equally distant from York and Harrisburg..about 12 or 14 miles, each way, to a big box store. Difficult for me to justify a drive for that one thing, and always forgotten when there for another project.

Homer made this tool to pop the seals. It works for him, but I still can't get the lids off! He is left handed and a lot stronger..that must explain it..

When it is my turn to slop the hogs they get apples, not the restaurant mix. Since apples arrive by the truckload there are no lids to pop. And if I can just remember to stop in and get the lid popper..

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