Sunday, February 26, 2012


O! So good to see Sarah, Jon, Otto and cousins Ed & Angie! A couple of days off the farm, time to visit a big farmers market here..Eastern Market, meet some local growers, eat some great contemplate the cost of land, water, super insulated house construction, high tunnels, gardens..such a world of opportunity here! We have met such great people, and to be able to present our ideas, reasons why we farm when we sure did not grow up as farmers..good eats! Sarah has saved her squash grown last summer and shared it with us, baked bread in a bread machine, made us yogurt..oh yeah!

And on the farm..high winds, escaping chickens, straw bales collected and stacked..we are lucky to be so well cared for and supported.

And our talk at sleepers, plenty of questions..and after, words and ideas flowed about hoophouses, floating row covers, canning, season extension ideas..such fun to be in the flow of that, local folks meeting each other, including a slim girl, looked to be 10 or 11, who told us in detail about all the things she grows with her grandmother..and information about the group in Detroit that distributes, for virtually no money, seeds, starts, compost, support..word of community kitchens that meet federal standards that are open, opening and available for rent/summer canning sessions so folks can eat what they grow all year round. Lovely!

Tours today of other growing things..communities, chicken housing, orchards..inspirational..

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