Wednesday, February 15, 2012

butchering day

Tucked into a sloping hillside just outside a small town is our butcher. A USDA inspected facility that converts our livestock to delicious, manageable portions and cuts.

It is not a huge facility. There are 2 people in customer service, right there as you step in the door. Butchers are in the back, only their cars are in evidence. They smoke meat there, so sometimes you can smell mouth watering goodness from the stack.

It is quiet, and truly a local employer, a small business, an entrepreneurial enterprise. From the main road you would drive past and never know it is there.

I can't wait to have our freezers full of what these good people do for our farm. It is truly like money in the bank. We are happy to see thus facility full of people and business and so close to our farm.

And full of chickens too.

And reusing stuff..that box is a freezer container..a creative reuse of an item that warms my heart.

We know where our food comes from, and are truly happy about it!

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