Monday, February 6, 2012

back on the farm

We are back on the farm. I experienced a fun hangover..headache, stomachache, backache. Feeling better this morning but kinda lost yesterday.

Homer reassembled the pen he took to the PASA conference. The box with the lid that goes the width of the pen has been problematic, as hens will escape from one end while we gather eggs from the other end. If we had only Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds that would be fine, but we have about 100 hens that lay white eggs: the Minorcas, Anconas and Brown Leghorns that are smaller, flightier birds. Once they escape they are impossible to catch, as they move faster than we do! And we love when our egg cartons have blue, white and many shades of brown in each carton. This pen design does a much better job keeping the hens inside and their eggs too.

Right around the corner from us is this beautiful stone bridge. Built in 1910 it is made from stone, spans the Conewago, and is an engineering project that Homer just loves. It is not on our way to anything we go to, but he takes a bit longer way home somedays just to see it. Small and magnificent.

And that bridge might just have influenced his latest pen design.

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