Monday, January 30, 2012

shelves fail

When Claire was a baby we had some shelving systems from Ikea. Made from particle board and super heavy, they are no longer in my possession.

For a time I had all wood furniture..but we sold our house and moved to a rental place, sold lots of our stuff too. Our stuff would not fit in this house anyway, with ceilings so low I can touch them without a ladder! And now that we are on the farm there are a few things needed.

Homer built a cool faux mantel in the living room. Jessica was a big help in that project. But now, as January comes to an end, seed orders are in, the basement is again set up for seed starter..we can feel the growing season rapidly approaching.

I want a spot for some of my stuff, and bought a shelving unit from Ikea. It arrived with exactly the number of pegs needed, no extras. 52 pegs. Yesterday I broke one..which means Homer will have to help me now..and he has a few other things to tend to!

And I bought a few baskets that fit in the cubbies. They look great in the store and the catalog, and in blog posts about this unit. There are blog sites about how loved and utilized this unit is. The baskets? They stink. Have been in the garage for a month and they still stink.

Homer is going to have to help me now, as the drill will be needed. And next time I'm headed to Ikea please remind me of this. With 20+ years in-between I forgot. Much prefer what Homer builds!

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