Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the right equipment for the job

Sometimes we try and make do with what we have and it works. Sometimes it does not.

We grow livestock that needs to be transported. We have cobbled together a variety of ways of getting livestock moved..but we do not, as of yet, have a livestock trailer.

Yesterday morning we spent some time, after Homer had spent a great deal of time the afternoon before, trying to get pigs in the back end of the pickup truck.

Funny thing about a pickup truck: if you sit on the open tail gate your feet swing off the ground. Even a long legged gal like me. To get a pig out of their pen and up a ramp, sloped steeply enough to get into the back of the truck..proved to be..challenging..

Only 1 of 4 was moved yesterday. There were a few phrases and exchanges that occurred that I'll not repeat.

And we are on the hunt for a livestock trailer. Homer's V6 truck is back on the road. While my little truck can haul a small trailer loaded with livestock, Homer's is really built to do that.

We saw a horse trailer today for sale, but our friends tell us that what we haul will destroy this. If you find a reasonable, used livestock trailer let us know. It is time that we get the right equipment for the job. Cause that truck is not quite cutting it.

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