Sunday, January 22, 2012

plastic roof

The weather predictors called for snow yesterday, and they were right. It snowed 4+ inches here on the farm.

Friday afternoon was cold. Jessica stopped over to discuss summer plans, and Homer asked for assistance with the roof on the lean to area next to the hoophouse. Last week when the winds made our concrete block house shake, the sheet of plastic covering the roof on the lean to tore, right along a seam.

He spent an hour up and down the ladder in the cold wind, resetting wiggle wire, pulling the roof back into place, patching the hole. The goal is to keep the wood dry..wet conditions and wood make for ugly situations.

The roof held the snow. We will get a new piece of plastic from our supplier, but for now the patch job held beautifully.

The hoophouse itself, where all our hoses are stored all winter, has also held up.

It was so cold on Friday working the repairs that fingers and toes lost feeling, even with gloves, wool socks, warm boots. Dinner after: tomato sauce made with garlic from Everblossom Farm, our canned tomatoes, Keswick cheese, pasta from Italy, carrots from out back..yum!

And the wood and vegetables are safe for future use. Homer..he knows what he is doing..

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