Sunday, January 29, 2012

PASA 2012

This week is the PASA conference..the sustainable agriculture conference that takes place in State College, PA.

There are many activities that happen. A lot gets crammed in to the few days. This year, Homer is conducting 2 on integrating rain barrels into year round hoophouse watering and, with me, another session on growing vegetables and livestock on the same farm.

He is also offering tuition for his pen building workshop this spring as a silent auction item. A pen will travel with us and be assembled in the courtyard..a few chickens will travel along too..and we have a session with one of the childrens groups where we visit the pen and answer their questions.

There are sessions relating to our Food Alliance Certification and wonderful food from local farms.

We have a chance to see our fellow farmers, in a situation where we are not working, so we can chat, catch up and laugh.

The holistic orchard guy..the guy who grows way beyond organic..will be there. I had a chance to hear him before and look forward to the opportunity to hear more about his way out of the box ideas.

Between now and then the hundreds of photos that will go into 2 PowerPoint presentations must be culled. Homer has been selecting and filing, now it is my turn to load, in order, into the presentation, load onto the thumb drive and make certain to bring along to the conference.

Lucky for us, Jessica has agreed to stay here and keep the farm going. Lucky for her..the days will be above freezing and no snow is predicted. So much nicer to take care of animals when water thaws out.

2 years ago Claire faced near blizzard conditions. This year, well above freezing and sunshine. Getting excited!

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