Saturday, January 7, 2012


We moved to the farm in September 2009. There was a bunch of stuff in the front yard that had to be removed, and we had our International Harvester flatbed truck (from the 1940's) towed here. One of our neighbors mowed the grass that fall.

Out back the cattle mow. But having the cattle out front we tried just once, and it made the cattle, and us, too nervous.

We no longer own a lawn mower. It does not matter anyway, as there is no time for any of us to get the front yard mowed during the summertime! />
It is unseasonably warm here this January. The ground is still soft, so over the next few days fencing will go in, all around the front yard. t posts and cattle fencing.

When the grass starts growing we will go to the auction and purchase a couple of sheep. They will live in our front yard next summer, and we will no longer pay a guy to ride a mower around our front yard..the sheep will take care of it for us. Glad this can get done now rather than in March/April when there are a million things to do.

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