Friday, January 20, 2012

local eating..January

We prefer to eat local. Sometimes it seems it might be impossible when it is below freezing outside..but we still manage to do so. Here's how.

Coffee..not local. Never gonna be. But it is Counter Culture, grown in mixed, permaculture settings and it is delicious.

Buckwheat flour, grown at Yeehaw Farm. Made into pancakes with our eggs, the last of the butter and milk from Barbie Smucker's farm, and sugar from somewhere far away.

Maple syrup in a mayonnaise jar from a farm in western Maryland.

Peaches, canned here on the farm, last summer when they were in season. From Ben Wenk at 3 Springs orchard.

And as always at this time of year, studying seeds, reading about best practices for the heirloom varieties we grow.

After breakfast? Ordering 2 truckloads of compost. One of leaves and one of mushroom compost as their base.

Contemplating what to get from Nolt's in terms of row covers, disintegrating mulch, replacements on irrigation equipment. At an hour each way, I hope to make one trip this spring, one trip only. Seems unlikely.

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