Monday, January 9, 2012


We have funded a number of projects on kickstarter. From movies to comics to hoophouses to restaurant equipment, a potters kiln and a summer artist colony. Kickstarter is about funding dreams, is about helping people move forward with creative ideas and business start ups. A person submits an idea to the kickstarter review team. The idea is either approved or disapproved for running on kickstarter. We submitting one idea, which we carefully thought about, discussed, reviewed. We were not approved. Then another idea we discussed, reviewed, debated, submitted. Not approved. Then Homer, after getting a cup of coffee, sat in the parking lot and submitted another idea. Approved! So now we shoot and edit video. Determine a goal. Formalize the rewards for different support levels. Determine a time line. And then it all goes in and we cross our fingers that we get funded. Exciting!

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