Thursday, January 26, 2012

I think not

One of the great things about going to conferences, farm shows, farmers markets and other farms is learning about how to do things.

Another great thing is learning what not to do, or what we will never do. This year we were at the PA farm show during the time the beef cattle were there. We were surprised at how much our cattle of the same age (but different breed) looked like the prize winning steer. Good to see!

We were also astonished to come across longhorn cattle. Usually grown in Texas, here they were, with full on horns and all, in PA. Our cattle have their full horns..little things that curl in a most amusing way. The longhorns had just that..horns that look solid, strong and like they would hurt.

Only photos from the farm show of these. We will never have these on Sunnyside Farm. Not gonna happen.

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