Saturday, January 21, 2012

Homers power tools

At the farm conference we attended last week, there was a group there selling tools. We replaced our rake and added another hoe to our power tools..the ones that run off Homer power.

The hoes we own look and work nothing like the kind you get at a local hardware store. Ours have sharp blades that are at different angles..depending on what you are weeding. The blades get sharpened with a file every few rows, and they glide through the earth like a hot knife through butter. The work is quiet, the results are clean beds.

This year we are cutting back on the number of farmers markets we attend. For the last couple of years we have, by mid-summer, been overrun by weeds and things growing in between planting beds. Just because we run out of time..time to hoe, move the piglets and the chickens between the more time will be on farm, less time standing at market. We have been lucky this year in hearing from a few more folks who want a few more chickens weekly..enough to be able to deliver, or have pickup here, and have more time to work with the kind of power tools we use here. This is not your great grandparents is the latest, most up to date version..

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