Tuesday, January 17, 2012

fair trade icicle

We provide buckets and a couple of places we visit regularly provide leftovers for the pigs.

Vegetables that have turned, leftovers from the juicer, bread gone stale comes back to the farm with us. The orange buckets from Home Depot or the empty pickle buckets travel back and forth with us, full on the way here, empty on the way back.

Sometimes, when we are lucky, there is a bucket of coffee grinds and the paper filters. Coffee grinds make a great addition to the compost pile, help it to smell good and the bugs just love it!

It was so cold the other night that the entire contents of the coffee froze. Solid. Filters, coffee, water and all. It appears that the freezing temperature of all that mix is, in fact, 32 degrees. It was a low of 15 degrees or so it was ice, ice baby.

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