Monday, January 23, 2012


We always say we move every animal every day.

But there are exceptions to that. Snow days, when the snow is deep and moving the pen will result in laying hens escaping or getting hit by the pen..the pen stays in one spot. Rain is predicted today, which means the snow will be washed away and the pen will be easy to move again..on to the next spot.

And when we have 3 feet of snow we move the hens inside the hoophouse, and leave the pens on the field until we can move them again.

So far, we have not had a big snow like that this winter. Both snow storms have fallen and melted quickly. And our egg theory did not happen this big dumping of eggs in the last few days.

Exceptions. Work arounds. Changes. The most important tool in the farmers toolkit? A sense of humor, and wonder, at just how many ways and times exceptions must occur.

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